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First car service $119

Car service

We service all parts of your vehicle with the focus on quality and your budget. Whether you need simple repairs or customised vehicle solutions, we can help you.

Brake Repair

Don’t let the safety of you and your family come to screeching halt because of neglect! Brakes are the most important safety factor in your car.


The suspension system in our cars is something most of us take for granted. In fact, most people think that all it does is give you a smooth ride – but it’s much more.


We are dedicated to offering you the best mufflers and exhausts you can rely on. We work with a number of reliable Australian and overseas brands.


Close to public transport and Brisbane CBD.
The workshop is conveniently located in Bowen Hills in central Brisbane, making it easy for you to drop off your vehicle either before or after work. We are close to public transport running frequently to the city and Northern suburbs.


We give you an introductory price on your first car service with us. This deal is great to maintain and prevent damage of your car, or to find why your car is not behaving optimally. Regular maintenance and servicing allows any problems to be identified early, especially critical safety components such as your brakes.

Our $119 car service deal may vary according to your car, but generally includes the following:

Fleet service

Bowen Hills Exhaust and Car Care are the leading experts in fleet and commercial vehicle maintenance in Central Brisbane.

No matter if you lease or own your vehicles, our team of qualified mechanics service and repair your cars, vans and trucks, preventing them from major breakdowns and loss of revenue.

Dangerous car defects

We have seen almost everything when it comes to road danger.

We have compiled a list of the most common car defects we come across.

They are easily fixed and won’t break your budget.