Your car's suspension

A car’s suspension system is one of its most important features; unfortunately, it’s also the one that is most often overlooked. Most of us take it for granted and believe all it does is give you a smooth ride.

But did you know that your car’s suspension system is also one of its most important safety features?

Here’s information about the major components, and how you can make sure your car continues to provide you with a smooth and safe ride.

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Springs & tyres

The springs in your suspension system support the weight of your vehicle. They are a flexible link that allows the frame and body of your car to ride smoothly, while the tyres follow the road.

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Struts & shock absorbers

The struts and shock absorbers play a vital role in your suspension system: they keep the tyres on the road, by controlling spring and suspension movements.

Shock absorbers can wear out pretty quickly – under normal driving conditions they stroke over one thousand times per kilometre.

Worn or damaged shocks can lead to problems such as excessive tyre bounce, reduced suspension control, tyre wear, poor handling and braking performance, and noise and suspension vibration.

All of these things could potentially cost you a great deal of your hard-earned money to fix, should you leave it too late. That’s why it’s important to have a qualified and trusted mechanic, such as Bowen Hills Exhaust & Car Care, check your car’s suspension system.

Signs your suspension needs checking

It’s recommended that shock absorber and suspension performance is checked every 20,000 kilometres. There are also things you can check yourself, which could indicate your car has suspension problems. Signs that indicate your suspension needs checking include:

If your car displays any or all of the above symptoms, it’s time to get your suspension checked. Call Bowen Hills Exhaust & Car Care today to make sure your suspension system is keeping you safe on the road.

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